Upon The Sunken Road

April 2, 2009


Look out yonder, toward the distant hills,
upon the sunken road.
Lined with a hastily thrown ribbon of stones.

A setting sun bowing down,
drawing the curtain on a scene of tragic drama,
played along summer fields, streams and
battered lanes of glory, hate and grief.

Calls and cries, “o mother, o mother”
on graven lips, as life slipped away,
but mostly silent now,  given up to the unknown
eternal wandering.

Look out yonder, toward the distant hills
upon the sunken road.
Sons and fathers, fallen and broken,
bloodied and tattered
killed on that fateful day.

Upon the sunken road.




His Newborn Child

April 2, 2009


I looked at the picture, cursory at first.
The young man sitting in the hospital room
his newborn child in his lap, bundled up
against the chill of the room, I assumed.

He was a proud new dad, taken in by the
joyous moment, I was sure.

I couldn’t see its face, bundled up as it was
but a beautiful newborn son or daughter
to its dad, I could tell, even from the picture’s
view, which was taken from the hallway, probably
and looking into the room, at the touching scene.

It brought back precious memories of my three children,
when they were newborn, and how I felt
and how much I love them, even as they now grow up.

I looked at the picture
then I read the caption
the young father was saying goodbye to his child

His young child was stillborn.



Summer’s sunrays cleansing away
the last vestiges of winter’s dreary depression.

Summer’s warmth, basking desolation
with encouragement, another season
of renewal and rejuvenation.

Birds sing, nests nestled on shaded boughs
near and far, nature’s lullaby heard in the
ceilings of green.


Summer’s hope, delicate solice and enjoyable
familial gatherings, broken and withered.

Destroyed by fateful schemes, deliriously contrived
conveniences of nonsense.  Diseased and distressed
ministrations announced by the demons within.

Drink, depression, desperation, denial.  An unwinnable
detestable diet of destruction.  Resulting pattern of a forloin path taken during

the summer of his discontent.


Realized in Simple Places

January 14, 2009

Simplicity shatters
an act normally simple,
to some –

Routine disrupted
an act normally routine,
to some –

Ceilings crushed in
from within,
causing concern,
to some –

Fiery bursts of spender,
towards heaven skyward,
realized simply,
to some –

Celebrate simplicity’s
life reverse,
wiped tears and sweat from brows,
to some –

Rejoice – simplicity’s simple
atom – of time – realized,
to some –


January 9, 2009

Phoenix rising with crowned glory
generations time line passing by
then sprinting

Eve’s equal fruit of
conception wandering
nation’s children

imagined through eons
realized with joyous
retribution of peace

Shared table, full of pleasure
together by watchtowers steady hands of splender

Together, hearts united
along the march of mankind’s
progress, peaceful realization

Heaven’s earthly host stands together in fruition
mankind as one – finally – united.

Advice To Be Not Advised

January 9, 2009

A ponderer’s folly
given in confidence
besmirching fame
or acceptance among
lettered classes.

“A toast!” ,  gilded with
grandiose closeted dreams
of victory – over

Beggar’s reality in
form yet refusal
to ordain the thought

When it will – as
always seems the case
bursts in daylights eye of

Strangers honest impression
with studded yokes
of acclaim – or letters at least

“Carry On!” , forthwith to inner
proclamation of glory – withstanding
lettered noses – ugly – filled
with reign (not rain entirely)

“Victory!” , myself – to self
call to put on fine and heavy

Gilded mail  to cover
vital threads that hang
from precipitous ponderer’s folly – protection

From lettered glances of
eyes – blinded or blurry
by acclaimed ego veto.


January 8, 2009

I loved thee in the end I see
so much more than you to me

Now I see so you in me
as confusion was to thee

Wandered feelings broken free
worldly pleasure needed be

Broken dreams that now I see
meant much more to you than me

If by chance these words you see
know how much you meant to me